1. No Comics: Best Of The Year

    Before we launch into our series of End-Of-Year Comics Podcast, here’s our list of top ten comics of the year.


    1. Fatima: The Blood Spinners by Gilbert Hernandez
    2. Pompeii by Frank Santoro
    3. "An Update from Marissa" by Marisa Paternoster
    4. The Furry Trap by Josh Simmons
    5. Lincoln Washington by Benjamin Marra
    6. My Friend Dahmer by Derf
    7. Lose #4 by Michael DeForge
    8. Bowman 2016 by Pat Aulisio
    9. Wet Moon #6 by Ross Campbell
    10. Ragemoor by Richard Corben; Jan Strnad


    Nao of Brown - Glynn Dillon
    I hate London, adults who like vinyl toys should be in prison and anything that claims to involved “a protagonist with OCD” makes me want to be a better person. Nao Of Brown managed to transcend all of that, inverting and confounding any expectations I had. But by far the biggest surprise was Gyln Dillon’s absolutely magnificent watercolours
    and his astounding mastery of human form and facial expressions. If
    every fibre in your body is telling you this comic will be boring and worthy, then step into the shoes of Nao Brown and ignore every fibre of your body for your own sake.

    King City - Brandon Graham
    Like you, I’ve been high in a weird empty part of a city and liked it.Like you, I’m grateful for Paul Pope and was sad about Moebius dying. And like other fat men with android phones, I tried to subscribing to Shonen Jump for money but they don’t let you do that in Ireland. So, like everyone else, of course I liked King City.

    Window Pane - Joe Kessler
    What if a Kevin Huizenga comic strolled around a Yuichi Yokoyama comic? What if, despite being ludicrously reductive, that statement kind of made sense?

    Sad Sex - Heather Benjamin
    Heather Benjamin creates a pummeling, funny and honesty journey that couldn’t be further from the Greasy White Dude Tells You He’s A Pervert And Dares You To Look Away/Greasy White Dude Is Bitter About Worrying About Sex And Then Having Lame Sex/Greasy White Dude Aggressively Claims Sex Is A Magical (And Probably Racist) Thing quagmire that underground comics are kind of stuck in.

    Lose #4 - Deforge
    Stentorian Comics Machine Micheal Deforge eschewed any opportunity to coast that the current universal acclaim he’s being drenched with afforded him and instead made the move to make the inside of your guts feel less settled than ever. Deforge taking like a velvet glove cast in iron as some start of adorable starting point to flex in every direction with the main story is the only the beginning of incredible stylistic backflips he performs here. But most importantly, behind all those acrobatics there is art of real beautify and sadness of real substance. If I made comics I’d be praying someone stop Deforge before he kills again.

    My Friend Dahmer - Derf
    A sinewy, uncomfortable and austere look at the teenage years of one of America’s most notorious serial killers from someone who actually knew him or, as the book would like you to think of it, one of the many, many people who did absolutely nothing to help. An anguished headbutt at 70s permissiveness made all the more lethal by affording as much sympathy to Dahmer (to a point) as it levels accusations at those around him. This is not a “This Is So Fucked Up, Bro” book. This is a “Life Is So Fucked Up, Bro” book.

    Fuckshits - Box Brown
    Box Brown makes a punk rock comic about a waster with a samurai sword and a danzig haircut infinitely more punk rock by giving both the story and the protagonist far more heart than you’d expect.

    Baltic Comics Anthology š! #12 “Future 2.0”
    Anne Koyama co-edits this edition of the current best comics anthology. Some americans will tell you not to get too excited about it just cause it’s not american. As always, lol at americans.

    Prison Pit #4/B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth:Long Death - Johnny Ryan/Mike
    Mignola, John Arcudi, James Harren
    Choose your monsters-transforming-and-pursuing-ultimate-murder poison: if you favour grossness, reality-breaking sci-fi and heavy manga inflections, go with Ryan. But if you want a healthy dose of heavy-weight pathos and the noose to be made from years-old plot strings, then go with BPRD. Both come highly-recommended.

    Furry Trap - Josh Simmons
    Josh Simmons shits in your heart, again and again in ways that grow exponentially more refined and chilling as the book progresses. A perfect statement of rancid intent.

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